We've had some real success, however, we need to spread the word

Here are some pictures of our success stories so far ....................

We spent ages looking for a frame sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person on skates, something that was adjustable and smooth running.  We eventually found this bariatric frame which is height and width adjustable with pressure breaks.  Dylan tested it out for maneuverability.

David has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs. He is incredibly independent however, in April of 2015 when he put a pair of skates on he needed to be supported 

David agreed to test the frame for us and as you can see, it supported him very well - he managed to move about 25 feet across the floor with Andy and Dylan there for moral support

We asked Skate Base UK to take the frame and offer its use during their skating sessions.  These two young people soon had the confidence to enjoy the session along with everyone else

We've also supplied three frames to Fun-abil8y who skate at Rollerworld in Derby. The frames have been so successful there that one or two are now skating independently. Here's what Molly-Jo Burnett, one of the volunteers at Fun-Abil8y had to say:

"The Fun-Abil8y team would like to thank the Adam
Cullen Skating Project for all their help and support for our young people. The frames have really helped our young people gain more confidence and learn to skate. They have even helped the staff! Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved. Amazing charity for an amazing boy. Adam would be so proud"