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Beeston Carnival 2019

This years Beeston Carnival was better than ever and we are so proud to be part of such an amazing community event.

The day kicked off with the winner of our competition to name our Mascot and Steve Carr, Councillor for Beeston North was the worthy winner for choosing the name Twinga which roughly translated from Swahili Means Giraffe - clever and cute.

We had 334 cuddly toys to re home this year thanks to  generous donations and by the end of the day we had just one left - amazing result!

Our skaters flocked to use the rink and Faith (pictured left) who had never skated before took to it so well thanks to the use of our frame - within 10 minutes she ditched it and just held someones hand to skate round.

We raised over £750.00 for the Project, had an amazing day and have the honour of being asked to return in 2020.

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Beeston Carnival 2018
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Oh my goodness, what a day! We were sponsored by Freeths Solicitors, A. W. Lymn Funeral Directors, UK Rigging, and Nottingham County County via Steve Carr and Kate Foale and Glyn Owen to hire a 12m x 10m Roller Skating Rink covered by a 12m x 12m Marquee.

It was an early start, 5am for some and the build took about five and a half hours but it was so worth it.  Over 100 skaters took to the rink and our frames were in use most of the time to help the little ones have a go.  Proceedings on the rink were overseen by Skate Base UK owners Kevin and Rebecca Munn and the skaters were safe in the hands of the Skate Base Crew, all of whom gave their time and resources to our cause.

We also had over 200 cuddly toys, all washed and brushed and only 10 were left without homes.

The weather was incredible and the people of Beeston and beyond were so very generous.

Amount raised on the day £793.89
plus a donation from Beeston Nursery to take us up to £1000.00 and were are still receiving donations.
Here's a video log of some of the day
Beeston Carnival 2017

Another hot day - this year's Beeston Carnival was the best yet, so many lovely people came to the stall and almost cleared us out of Cuddly Toys, Adam's friends came to help and to see how we were getting on

Amount raised on the day £121.05

Photo Credit: Simon Burrows

Blind Colour Photography

It was a hot one ............

probably the hottest day of the year, on the day of the Splendour Concert at Wollaton Park.  There's no stopping us!

Amount raised on the day £1,301.72
A very long day........

and a long night but totally worth it.

A group of Adam's friends took part in a 24 hour Sponsored Skate on behalf of the Project.  Our thanks and gratitude go out to Matt, Andy, the staff and Denny at Rollerworld for hosting the 24 hour sponsored skate over this weekend.  Such comradery and interest in the Project.  Would we do it again?  In a heartbeat!

Amount raised on the day £1,432,.35
Our very first fundraising event......

was held on Sandgate Park in Beeston, an amazing day which got us off to a flying start.

Amount raised on the day £2,176.12