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Nice and Quiet

In November we started monthly 'quiet sessions' for children and young adults with Austism and other challenging conditions where loud noise is a problem.  We hope this will be ongoing.

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Local Support

Roopam Carroll, owner of Beeston Nursery arranged a fundraiser for The Project on 24th November 2019.  The event took place at Chilwell Olympia and was attended by over 100 people. Parents and children skated, bought home made cakes and bought raffle tickets and had a go on the tombola. It was an amazing afternoon and Beeston Nursery and the after school club raised £712.58 in just 2 hours. Thank you so much.

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Carnival Time

For the second year running we skated at Beeston Carnival on an outdoor rink - we had so many skaters and raised over £700.00 - it was a good day.

One Skate Closer

Ricky's got his skates - we had to purchase a pair of wide fitting ice skates and replace the blades with wheels but he's rolling and that's all that matters.

Run Sharon Run

Morning - Boy was it an early start on 7th October - it was so worth it though.

Off we went to Cardiff to shout and cheer for Sharon from Cardiff Skate School as she took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise money for The Adam Cullen Skating Project.

Sharon, her skaters and supporters have raised over £400 so far - we are so grateful for their support.

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Beeston Carnival - Success for Everyone!

For the past 13 years, Pat and Lynda Lally have organised Beeston Carnival.  We attended in a small way over the last two years as you can see on our Events Page, however, this year, with their kind permission and support WE WENT BIG!

Take a look at how the day went for us on the Events Page, however, let me assure you that this years Carnival in Beeston was the biggest and best it's ever been.

Our thanks and congratulations to Pat and Lynda for bringing our community together on such a special day.

Here's a selection of Live Videos taken on the day:

Getting Their Skate On

Meanwhile, back at Cardiff Skate

School, the frames have been a resounding success and Sharon

now has more than ten children

making use of the frames and skating for the first time.

Take a look at how Taliesin got on skating for the first time -

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Well Timed

Jim has delivered frames far and wide, however on 21st March he was delivering two frames to Skateland in Nottingham. Joy Cotton was on hand to receive the frames in time for sessions for the less able which started the following evening.

Hello Cardiff!

Cardiff Skate School is a not-for-profit school which takes all ages and abilities. Sharon Eckley Founder and Head Coach has just taken delivery of some frames provided by The Adam Cullen Skating Project and delivered by Jim, Adams Dad. 

Sharon already has a quiet session for autistic skaters and some of the regular skaters have siblings who are less able and would love to try to skate. Now they can!

We are thrilled to be able to donate the frames to The Cardiff Skate School, Sharon is a lovely, bubbly person who gets what we are trying to achieve and can not wait to get those frames on the skating floor. 

She has volunteered to run / walk a half marathon to raise funds for the Project in October this year and is now (and it says so on her website) a proud supporter of The Adam Cullen Skating Project.

Go Ricky!

We all take our feet for granted - until we get a blister or wear a pair of shoes that don’t fit properly!  


Can you imagine having to sleep with metal bars on your feet every night to keep them in the same position? Wearing leg braces with metal foot plates instead of slippers? Having numerous operations because the tendons in your feet don’t grow properly?  It’s difficult to imagine, however, this regime is how nine year old Ricky is able to walk at all. 


His parents Lisa and Jason introduced Ricky and his brother Kian to roller skating, and although Ricky has mastered the art of staying upright, every pair of skates he tried on hurt because most skates are too narrow for his feet, except for Bauer skates. 


The Adam Cullen Skating Project have made a commitment to Ricky to purchase his skates until his feet stop growing and last night, he got his first pair!


It was an amazing moment, It was evident that his feet were comfortable by the way he moved. I received this text from Lisa after the skating session .......


“Ricky has just said “mum for the first time EVER I feel normal.”

I will never ever forget what you’ve done for us. Thank you so much x”


Ricky has another operation scheduled in March, apparently he asked for both feet to be done at once to get it sorted!


What an amazing young man he is and such a privilege for us to be able to get him skating in comfort and style. 

We're Rolling Now!

It was with great pleasure that Jim, on behalf of the Project delivered three frames to Helen and Michael Disley on Wednesday 4th November 2017.


Their daughter Rachael owns Superfunk Roller Disco and for the last ten years has travelled up and down the country providing roller skating events. School events are a big part of what Racheal does and this is where the frames will be used the most. 

We are thrilled that Rachael has the frames and even more thrilled that's she gets what we are trying to achieve. 

We're looking forward to hearing how Rachael gets on and thank you all for helping to make this possible xx

Framing Success

As you know, Skate Base UK have had three frames for a while now as they were instrumental in testing to make sure they did the job,  They have just forwarded an e-mail and we are thrilled to share it with you.

"To those whom it may concern,

I am a teacher at Nether Hall Special School and last Wednesday we were lucky to be offered a roller skating session with Skate Base at Hamilton College. The students and staff all really enjoyed the session.


The skating staff were helpful and friendly and were very patient and understanding with our students who have severe learning difficulties and some physical disabilities.


To begin with only 2 from the group were able to skate and we were trying to support the other students by holding their hands. This was a disaster as they tried to lean on us and rely on us and immediately fell over. However when we used the trollies, the difference was amazing.


Nearly all the students were then able to stand up and skate independently and the joy on their faces was fantastic to see. We would like to thank the Skate Base staff and the people who provided the trollies for enabling us to have a really enjoyable afternoon.


We really hope we will be able to do it again next year and it would be wonderful if there were more trollies available to enable more students to skate at the same time and reduce wait time.

Thank you again

Liz Jenkin"