Year in View - 2018

Here we are at the end of our most successful year for The Adam Cullen Skating Project.

January saw our biggest donation of frames to The Cardiff Skate School who now have in excess of ten skaters who, before the frames arrived wouldn’t have been able to roll.

We also met Ricky in January and bought his first pair of skates - Ricky had nine operations on his feet up to this point in time and was due another so it was wonderful to be able to get him into skates that were comfortable for him.

January was also momentous as we gained permission from the organisers of Beeston Carnival to site a mobile skating rink on the day. We obtained sponsorship from Nottingham County Council, A W Lymn, Freeths Solicitors, webuycarsinspain and UK Rigging as well as a donation from Glyn Owen.

In March we donated two frames to Skateland in Nottingham.

July and it was Carnival Day in Beeston which was a tremendous success for us. Our cuddly toy stall raised over £200.

The outdoor skating rink was amazing and the fact that our frames were out and being used raised awareness of what we are trying to achieve and boosted our donations on the day.

So much so that Roopam Carroll, owner of Beeston Nursery rounded up our days funraising to £1000 with a donation of £206.11.

Ricky paid a visit to the Carnival in his wheelchair - still recovering from yet another operation on his feet.

In October Jim and I traveled to Cardiff to support Sharon Eckley as she ran in the Cardiff Marathon and raised £418.65 for The Project. Thank you Sharon.

In early December we bought a pair of ice skates wide enough to fit Ricky which were converted to roller skates. Fully received from his operation he’s rolling again. Go Ricky!

Our last event of the year was the Christmas Raffle, sponsored by A W Lymn which raised £785.00 which blasted last years total.

Our thanks go out to our sponsors this year who helped us to achieve the impossible at the Carnival and to everyone that has kindly given us donations this year.


To Steve Carr and Kate Foale for their support and Lynda and Pat Lally the organisers of Beeston Carnival who have asked us to skate again next year.


To Skate Base UK - KevinRebecca and the Skate Base Crew for their constant support and for donating their time and resources.

Of course, none of the things we’ve achieved this year would have been possible without you. Thank you so much for your support. Happy New Year to you all.

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